Tech Note 412 Detail

DataStudio-compatible Ohaus balances

Affected Products:

CI-6870 DataStudio Software (Single User)
SE-8799 Series/Parallel Battery Holder (10 pack)

Which Ohaus balances are compatible with DataStudio?

PASCO Solution:

All of the following lines of Ohaus balances are compatible with DataStudio 1.8.5+ on Windows 98, ME, 2k, and XP PCs.


  1. The Ohaus balance may only be used simultaneously with PASPort sensors at this time.
  2. The maximum sampling rate is 1 Hz.
  3. See Tech Note #470 for configuration details.
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TechNote 456 Turn off Ohaus auto power off.

Creation Date: 05/29/2003
Last Modified: 12/16/2005
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