Tech Note 407 Detail

Microwave Transmitter-Receiver Sensitivity Specification

Affected Products:

WA-9314 Basic Microwave Optics

How do I verify that my microwave transmitter-receiver system is working within specification?

PASCO Solution:
  1. Position the transmitter and the receiver being tested facing one another, in line, and with approximately 12 inches between the edges of the antenna horns.
  2. Turn the INTENSITY range select switch on the receiver to the 30x position.
  3. Connect the 9 V adapter to the TEST transmitter.
  4. Adjust the Variable sensitivity control on the receiver for minimum sensitivity (all the way counterclockwise).
  5. Adjust the distance between the test transmitter and receiver until a reading of 1 on the receiver meter is obtained. THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THE FRONT OF THE ANTENNA HORNS SHOULD BE BETWEEN 3 AND 11 INCHES.
  6. Using your hand as an attenuator, check the other ranges on the INTENSITY range select switch (10x, 3x, 1x) for approximate relative proportion. Check the VARIABLE sensitivity control for proper function: the meter reading should increase as it is rotated all the way clockwise).

Creation Date: 05/21/2003
Last Modified: 05/30/2003
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