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Waveport sound file import?

Affected Products:

CI-6872 WAVEPORT Software (Single User)
CI-6874 WAVEPORT Software (Site License)

May I import sound files to perform an FFT with Waveport on an audio file?

PASCO Solution:
Although it is not possible to directly import common sound files into WavePort 1.x; you may still use WavePort to view any sound file that is supported by any audio player on your computer. To do this you must set up your computer to listen to internally generated sounds:
  1. Double click on the Volume Control in the task bar.
  2. Select Options/Properties/Recording.
  3. Select "WaveOut Mix" or "Mono Out", and whatever other components you would like to control. (Names will vary depending on the make and model of you sound card.)
  4. Click the Select button below "WaveOut Mix" or "Mono Out". (Do not select "CD player" even if you are playing a CD because this signal, being stereo, is not used by waveport.)
  5. Click on the microphone icon in Sound Analyzer to turn it on.
  6. Play the file of interest with Windows MediaPlayer or equivalent software.
  7. You can then view the wave output on both the scope and the FFT. In this way you can listen to anything supported by the Windows Media Player (mp3's, wav, real audio, etc.)

Creation Date: 04/28/2003
Last Modified: 04/28/2003
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