Tech Note 391 Detail

EHR Sensor is not detected by Xplorer

Affected Products:

PS-2129 PASPORT Exercise Heart Rate Sensor
CI-6870 DataStudio - Single User

Exercise Heart Rate sensor is not detected by an Xplorer connected to DataStudio 1.80+.

PASCO Solution:
To fix this yourself, you must have either a Link or PowerLink.
  1. Unpack the Exercise Heart Rate Sensor (EHRS) DataSheet shown below and place it in the ".../Program Files/DataStudio/Plugins/DataSheets" directory.
  2. Plug the EHRS into a Link/PowerLink and restart DataStudio.
  3. If the sensor is not immediately detected, go to the Setup window, select "change", and choose "PASPort".
If you do not have a Link/PowerLink or if DataStudio still does not detect the EHRS, you will need to contact Technical Support to have your units replaced.
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EHRS Datasheet

Creation Date: 04/11/2003
Last Modified: 05/13/2003
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