Tech Note 381 Detail

DataStudio 1.8 Macintosh Uninstallation

Affected Products:

CI-6870D DataStudio, Single User

How do I uninstall DataStudio 1.8 on a Macintosh?

PASCO Solution:
  1. Unplug any PASCO USB devices.
  2. Hold down the CMD and shift keys for at least three seconds (commands PASPort Monitor to quit).
  3. Drag the DataStudio folder to the trash.
    • For OS 9 installs: In the extensions folder, drag PSSensor and PASPort Monitor to the trash.
    • For OS X installs: In the /System/Library/Extensions folder, drag ClassicNoSeizePASCO to the trash.
  • Empty the trash and reboot.
  • Creation Date: 03/4/2003
    Last Modified: 01/26/2004
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