Tech Note 363 Detail

Endlessly updated firmware on Mac DS 1.8 w/ USB750.

Affected Products:

CI-7650 ScienceWorkshop 750 USB Interface

DataStudio 1.8.0 endlessly updates the firmware on USB ScienceWorkshop 750s connected to Macintoshes.

PASCO Solution:
Work-Around A: If the user simply says “No” to the first firmware update request, then the interface will work with its existing firmware. The update resolves a fairly rare issue that appears with a triggered Scope display on the slowest sweep speeds. The down side to this approach is that you will be prompted to update the firmware each time you start DataStudio. Work-Around B:
  1. Place the file sw750Uram.s28 in the DataStudio “Plugins” folder, and start DataStudio (choose Create Experiment, if asked).
  2. When DataStudio asks to update the firmware, choose “Yes” the first time only.
  3. Click “No” to any subsequent requests to update firmware.
  4. The interface firmware will be updated to the latest revision and the update requests will cease.
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750 Driver

Creation Date: 01/9/2003
Last Modified: 09/26/2003
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