Tech Note 348 Detail

PASPort sensor reports wildly incorrect values after being connected to a Macintosh running DataStudio 1.7.1.

Affected Products:

CI-6870D DataStudio, Single User

A sensor always reports either zero values, or impossibly large or small values, or NAN (representing a value which is not a real number), after having been connected to a Macintosh running a verion of DataStudio 1.7.1 downloaded from our website before 13.08.2002.

PASCO Solution:
The sensor's calibration values will likely have been cleared.
  1. Run DataStudio version 1.7.2 posted after 13.08.2002 or a later version or use an official DataStudio 1.7.2 CD.
  2. Hold down the CTRL, SHIFT, and D keys simultaneously while plugging in the affected sensor.
  3. DataStudio will restore the sensor's calibration values.

Creation Date: 08/13/2002
Last Modified: 04/11/2003
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