Tech Note 345 Detail

Interface Does Not Appear on Windows 95/98/ME

Affected Products:

CI-6870D DataStudio Software (Single User)

The interface connects, but no pictures of the interface and/or sensors appear in the Device Manager.

PASCO Solution:

DataStudio 1.7+ will not work on Windows95 computers because some of the library calls do not exist. Please either downgrade to version 1.6.1 of DataStudio or upgrade your computers/operating system.

If you are running Windows 95/98/ME, you must have version 5.5+ of Internet Explorer installed to have adequate Unicode support on Windows 95/98/ME for DataStudio 1.6.1+ to behave properly. This is a free download from Microsoft.

Finally, go to Windows Update and install all recommended updates for the core operating system.

If, after upgrading InternetExplorer, you still do not see pictures of the interfaces, you may have a used up your graphical device resources: Windows 98 and previous versions of Windows had certain limits on the amount of memory allocated to graphical resources. One can circumvent this problem by upgrading to WindowsXP, provided that the computer in question meets the minimum requirements. Alternatively, rebooting may help if the computers were running processes that did not free all of the resources that they requested. Reinstalling Windows sometimes is necessary to remove resources consumed by hidden processes. As a workaround, users can downgrade to DataStudio 1.6.1, which requires fewer graphical resources.

Creation Date: 07/19/2002
Last Modified: 10/7/2003
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