Tech Note 319 Detail

What is the DataStudio Homework Pak?

Affected Products:

CI-6869 DataStudio - English (Homework Pak)

What is the DataStudio Homework Pak?

PASCO Solution:
The DataStudio Homework Pak (from CDs) is simply a set of copies of the DataStudio CD, with an agreement that allows students to load the software on their computers at home, or in their dorm room, etc. The Homework Pak should be a fully functional software package, with complete online help, etc. Students may need to insert a license key and serial number when they first load DataStudio. If you have an older version of DataStudio that provided for making student floppies, the online help is not copied to the floppies (due to practical space limitations--otherwise it would be about ten floppies worth of files). If your online help does not work, and you installed from a CD, reinstall the software.

Creation Date: 04/2/2002
Last Modified: 01/13/2003
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