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Converting the CI-6502 Power Amplifier for use with the ScienceWorkshop 700 interface

Affected Products:

CI-6502 Power Amplifier

Can I convert the CI-6502 Power Amplifier be used with the ScienceWorkshop 700 interface?

PASCO Solution:
To convert your CI-6502 for use the ScienceWorkshop 700:
  • Remove Capacitor C5 from the Power Amplifier circuit board. Once C5 is removed, you will no longer be able to use the CI-6502 with the CI-6500 interface.
  • For use with both interfaces, install a switch that allows you to add or remove the capacitor from the circuit. The C5 capacitor forms a low pass filter with R1. The purpose of this low pass filter is to remove the switching transients from the output of the D-to-A converter. The conversion method used with ScienceWorkshop is much smoother, eliminating the need for the filter.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 01/1/2000
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