Tech Note 244 Detail

Undetected SW750 on Windows95.

Affected Products:

CI-6450 ScienceWorkshop 750 with SCSI Interface

DataStudio on Windows 95 cannot detect either the ScienceWorkshop 500 or 750 interfaces, but the "ScienceWorkshop" software can.

PASCO Solution:

Many of the function calls that DataStudio uses are not included in Windows 95. This can cause DataStudio to generate general protection faults or fail to connect to the interface.

We recommend that you either upgrade to a newer version of Windows or, if this is not possible, you may use DataStudio 1.6.1 or earlier versions provided that you install Internet Explorer version 5+, which updates many of the core operating system files, and then reinstall DataStudio.

Alternatively, you may use your ScienceWorkshop interfaces with the older ScienceWorkshop software.

Creation Date: 10/3/2001
Last Modified: 09/26/2003
Mod Summary: