Tech Note 243 Detail

Undetected 700/750-SCSI on a PC.

Affected Products:

CI-6450 ScienceWorkshop 750 with SCSI Interface

The ScienceWorkshop 750/700-SCSI interface is not detected by DataStudio when connected via SCSI on a Windows PC.

PASCO Solution:
  1. Check that the interface is connected to one of the supported SCSI cards:
  2. Check that the green power light on the interface is on. If the power light either will not turn on,
    1. Check that the unit is plugged in and the power button in the back is turned on.
    2. Check that you are indeed plugged into a SCSI port, rather than a parallel port. (The parallel port is typically built-into computers, whereas the SCSI port is usually on the rear of an add-in card.)If you mis-connected the ScienceWorkshop 700 interface, you will probably need to replace the innermost fuse located in the tray next to the power cord.
  3. If you did not turn on the interface before starting your computer, restart the computer.
  4. Check that the SCSI card appears in Start>System>Control Panel>Device Manager and that you have installed the most recent version of the driver from Adaptec's website.)
  5. Patch your operating system.
  6. Upgrade to the most recent version of DataStudio.
  7. On Windows 95, 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000, install the latest version of the Adaptec Advanced SCSI Programming Interface layer.
  8. Windows 7 or Vista users, install the software according to Tech Note 583. Due to the security policies of these operating systems, PASCO SCSI devices will only be detected when logged into an "administrator" user profile. If you are using a ScienceWorkshop 750 - SCSI Interface, you may use the interface in the "standard user" profile, by connecting to the interface via the CI-6759A USB/Serial Converter.
  9. Open DataStudio. If a dialog box appears, select "Create Experiment". Select Setup/Choose Interface/SW750. If prompted to upgrade the firmware, select "Yes".
  10. If you still have problems connecting, upgrade the firmware in the SW750 interface via serial:
    1. Turn off the SW750 interface.
    2. Disconnect the interface from the SCSI port.
    3. Connect the interface to the computer using either a direct serial (RS-232) connection (if you do not have a cable, we will send one to you at no charge) or a CI-6759 USB-to-serial converter.
    4. Run DataStudio.
    5. Select "Create Experiment".
    6. You will be prompted to update the firmware.
    7. Select "Yes".
    8. After the firmware has been upgraded, which could require several minutes, shut down the computer.
    9. Disconnect the interface from serial.
    10. Reconnect the interface to the SCSI card.
    11. Restart the computer.
    12. Run DataStudio and select "Create Experiment". (Your interface should now be recognized.)
  11. If you are using Windows95, see TN#244.
  12. If you have a Dell, see TN#236.
  13. If you have a Compaq DeskPro and you are having problems, see TN#293.
  14. If you have a Gateway and you are having problems, see TN#277.
  15. If you are using a ScienceWorkshop 700 (CI-6560) interface and have never received ROM chip upgrades from us or continue to experience problems, please let us know.
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Last Modified: 08/23/2013
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