Tech Note 194 Detail

Use with CBL and EA-100?

Affected Products:

CI-6742 Motion Sensor II

Can the CI-6742 Motion Sensor II be used with the TI CBL or the Casio EA-100?

PASCO Solution:
Yes, the Motion Sensor II can be used with the TI CBL and the Casio EA-100. You will also need to purchase the Motion Sensor II to BT cable. This cable is available from PASCO scientific as part number 514-06862.

If you will only use the Motion Sensor II with the TI CBL or the Casio EA-100, you should purchase the CI-6744 Motion Sensor II that comes with the BT cable instead of the two phone plug cable for Science Workshop.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 09/2/2003
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