Tech Note 185 Detail

Software setup (Macintosh)

Affected Products:

CI-6870 Science Workshop Software

How do I install the Science Workshop software on my Macintosh computer?

PASCO Solution:
Make sure that your computer meets the Macintosh computer requirements.
  1. Insert the Science Workshop for Macintosh program disk into your computer's floppy drive.
  2. Double click on the Science Workshop installer icon in the Program Disk window.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. To install the optional Experiment Library, insert the Experiment Library Disk 1 in your computer's floppy drive.
  5. Next, double click on the Experiment Library Installer icon in the Library Disk 1 window.
  6. To run the Science Workshop program, double click the Science Workshop icon.
  7. If, after double clicking on the Science Workshop icon, the software scans for but does not find the Science Workshop interface, check the troubleshooting tips.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 02/5/2004
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