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Using the pH probe with an ISE Amplifier Box

Affected Products:

CI-6738 Electrode Amplifier

How do I calibrate the 699-085 pH probe when using it with the CI-6738 ISE amplifier box.

PASCO Solution:
Because the CI-6738 Ion Selective Electrode amplifier box has a voltage offset, you will need to calibrate it.
  1. Attach the pH electrode to the BNC on the ISE amplifier box. Plug the ISE amplifier box into an analog channel on the interface.
  2. In the Science Workshop software, drag the analog plug icon to the channel and select "pH sensor" from the list of available sensors.
  3. To calibrate the pH sensor, double click on the pH sensor icon to open the calibration window. For the high value, place the pH electrode into a solution of known pH (for example, a buffer solution) and enter the pH in the pH column (under the pH heading). Click the "Read" button to the right of the high value. Repeat this procedure for the low value using a known solution of a lower pH. When the calibration procedure is complete, click the OK button to close the window.
  4. You may wish to save this experiment setup by selecting Save As from the File Menu.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 02/26/2004
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