Tech Note 164 Detail

SCSI cable

Affected Products:

CI-6450 ScienceWorkshop 750 with SCSI Interface

Which SCSI cable will I need to connect a SCSI 700/750 interface?

Are there any cables longer than the supplied three foot cable?

PASCO Solution:

The ScienceWorkshop 750 interface has an high-density 50-pin female (HD50F) connector, so one end of the cable must terminate in a high-density 50-pin male HD50M connector, which is included with the interface.

The ScienceWorkshop 700 interfaces have Centronics 50-pin female connectors, so one end of the cable end must terminate in a Centronics 50-pin male connector.

The Adaptec 1505 (ISA) and 2906 (PCI) SCSI cards terminate in a DB25F connector, so the cable end must have a DB25M connector. The Adaptec1460 PCMCIA SCSI Card has a PCMCIA connector, which is included with the PCMCIA card.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 11/18/2014
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