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Science Workshop can not find interface

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The Science Workshop software scans for but can not find the 750 interface or the software loses its connection to the 750 interface. What can I do?

PASCO Solution:
Try the general troubleshooting tips that follow.

  1. Make sure that the 750 interface is turned on before the computer is booted. If the green light on the 750 interface does not come on, there may be a problem with the power adapter. Contact Technical Support.
  2. Make sure that you have the latest version of the ScienceWorkshop software.
  3. If, when you run Science Workshop, there is a message about updating the software in flash ROM, do not click CANCEL. Click START and allow the software to update.
  4. Check the cabling. Make sure that the pins look straight, that all connections are firmly pressed in.
  5. If you have other SCSI devices on your computer, make sure that the 750 interface is the last device on the chain. Also, all devices in the SCSI chain must be powered on during the operation of the 750 interface.
  6. If you have other SCSI devices, you may need to change the SCSI ID number on the interface. Each SCSI device connected to your computer must have its own, unique ID number between 1 and 6 so the computer can distinguish it from other attached SCSI devices. The Science Workshop 750 Interface SCSI ID number is preset to 2. You can change this ID number by placing a small screwdriver in the hole and twisting to move the indicator on the back of the 750 interface to another number. When you are finished, turn the interface off and then on again because the interface reads the switch only at powerup.
  7. If you are running Science Workshop in Windows 95, make sure that the SCSI card is properly installed and follow the additional troubleshooting tips.
  8. If you are running Science Workshop in Windows NT, you may wish to read the Windows NT FAQ.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 02/22/2008
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