Tech Note 1336 Detail

Image files are not shown after saving a PASCO Capstone file that originally had images displayed.

Affected Products:

UI-5400 PASCO Capstone Site License
UI-5401 PASCO Capstone Single User License
UI-5406 Capstone College/University Department License

After saving a PASCO Capstone file with the new 10.x version of PASCO Capstone images that were shown now disappear.

PASCO Solution:

We are currently working on a permanent fix to this bug. For now there is a work-around. You will need the original file with the displayed images.

1. If the Capstone file was made by PASCO, the file is probably locked and Displays palete hidden. You will need to unlock each page that has this bug and make the Tools palete visible. If you are using a file that you created and saved, the file is probably not locked, so you can skip to Step 2.

a. To unlock a PASCO Capstone page, click on the Properties button found in the upper left hand corner, above the main display page.

Clicking on the Properties button opens up the Properties window.

b. In the Properties Window, Click on "PAGE Options", "Lock Page" should be selected. Click the check box to deselect. Similarly, "Show Displays Palette" is deselected, click on the check box to select this option. Click OK to save.

2. For each image found on a page. right-mouse click on the image to bring up a menu of options. In the menu of options, select "Save Image As". Choose a file name and easily accessable location for the file on your computer, then click Save.

3. After saving the image, right-mouse click on the image again and from the menu, select "Delete". Confirm to delete the display..

4. In the Displays Palette, there are two icons for "Image". Click on the GREEN "Image" icon, and drag the icon to the place where the previous image was located.

5. In the new Image display, click on "open Image File" Navigate to where you saved the image, select it and click Open.. You may need to resize the Image display by click and dragging on the circles around the perimeter of the display.

6. If the page was previously locked, click on the Properties icon again and choose to Lock the page.

Perform these steps for all pages that contain an image. Note you must separately unlock each page. You can then save the file. Now future saves of the file will work normally.

Creation Date: 11/6/2017
Last Modified: 11/8/2017
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