Tech Note 1322 Detail

Using Smart Pulley configuration with Capstone

Affected Products:

ME-9341 Introductory Rotational Apparatus

How do I configure a smart pulley setup (photogate with pulley) to get the rotational speed of the ME-9341

PASCO Solution:

Using the ratios of the diameter of the platter for the ME-9341 and that of the pulley, the equivalent angular spacing for the spokes for the superpulley is 7.228 degrees. By selecting this equivalent spoke spacing for the pulley, this will ensure that the incorrect angular speed cannot be selected during the lab. The attached Capstone file has this configuration built into it for use with the 850 interface. If you have questions about how to configure the ME-9341 to your system, please e-mail

Creation Date: 05/19/2017
Last Modified: 06/2/2017
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