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How do I import a DataStudio file into PASCO Capstone?

Affected Products:

UI-5001 550 Universal Interface
UI-5400 PASCO Capstone Site License
UI-5401 PASCO Capstone Single User License

How do I import a DataStudio file into PASCO Capstone?

PASCO Solution:

The following videos show the process of importing a DataStudio file to more closely have the behavior seen within DataStudio. If the import feature does not show you the interface that you have (shown in video #1), please select the 850 interface and follow the procedures in the video below. If the interface that you have is shown in the import menu, you will not have to follow the instructions within video #2.

The videos played in sequence will show the process of how to open the DataStudio file, reassign the sensors, and then show to get the runs to display according to the behavior that was shown within DataStudio.

1. Open a DataStudio File (Capstone)

2. Replace a Similar Measurement (Capstone)

3. Show New Runs from Previous Page (Capstone)

Additional information can be found in the following

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