Tech Note 1287 Detail

Which interfaces are compatible with DataStudio software?

Affected Products:

CI-6871G DataStudio Software (Site License)
CI-6870G DataStudio Software (Single User)
CI-7650 750 Interface, USB

DataStudio is no longer being developed or updated and new PASCO interfaces are not supported under DataStudio. Which PASCO interfaces are compatible with DataStudio?

PASCO Solution:

Note: The following list of interfaces is intended to be helpful for existing DataStudio customers who have not yet transitioned to one of our current programs.

New customers should consider our easy-to-use tablet-friendly SPARKvue® or our feature-rich, desktop-friendly PASCO Capstone.

The following currently available interfaces are compatible with DataStudio version 1.9.8r10:

*Note: Xplorer GLX and SPARK SLS will no longer be available after 2016

The following discontinued/legacy interfaces are compatible with DataStudio version 1.9.8r10:

  • ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface
  • ScienceWorkshop 500 Interface
  • ScienceWorkshop 700 Interface/ Signal Interface II
  • Powerlink (PS-2001)
  • Xplorer (PS-2000)
  • AirLink SI (PS-2005)

Creation Date: 09/30/2015
Last Modified: 09/30/2015
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