Tech Note 1286 Detail

What is the best way to connect my USB interface to an Android Tablet?

Affected Products:

PS-3100 SPARK Element
PS-2009 SPARKlink
PS-2009A SPARKlink

My Android tablet is not seeing my sensors.

PASCO Solution:

The best way to hook up the interfaces and sensors to a tablet is to connect the devices sequentially.

  1. Connect the micro USB to female USB A cable to the side of the side of the tablet.
  2. Connect the USB cable from the PASPORT interface into the female USB A port of the micro USB to female USB A port.
  3. If the interface has a power button, turn on the interface and wait for the USB connection to be confirmed with the tablet.
  4. Once the inteface has fully powered up, connect the first sensor to the interface.
  5. Wait until the sensor is detected by SPARKvue (the measurements from the sensor will show up on the SPARKvue home screen).
  6. Next, connect the next sensor that will be connected to the interface.

If you encounter any problems with the display of the sensor measurements within SPARKvue after following the above procedures, please contact PASCO Teacher Support.

Creation Date: 09/24/2015
Last Modified: 09/24/2015
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