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What is the fastest way to charge my AirLink2?

Affected Products:

PS-2010 PASPORT AirLink 2

What is the fastest way to charge my AirLink2?

PASCO Solution:

If the charge level on the AirLink2 is low, the following recommendations will help charge the interface as quickly as possible.

  1. Make sure that the AirLink2 is turned off while charging. The amount of current that can flow into the interface is limited. Any current used by the electronics within the interface, or provided to an attached sensor, is not available to be used to charge the battery.
  2. The amount of current that can be drawn by the AirLink 2 is below the maximum current that can be provides by the USB connections for a computer. Charging with a higher capacity external charger will not decrease the charging time below the charging time that is possible with the power provided by a computer port*.
  3. Some external USB hubs will turn off the external power that is available for the connected devices if the computer does not receive a signal from the interfaces. In this case, the PS-2010 would need to be turned on so that the hub will draw power from its connected power adapter. If you have another USB device (preferably a low power draw device that will communicate with the computer), you can connect this to the same hub so that hub will not go to sleep. In this case, the AirLinks can be turned off, but will receive the additional power from the external power from the hub.
  4. If the red LED on the AirLink 2 flashes, this indicates a battery failure. The replacement part for this battery is 540-089.

* Some devices have one or more lower power USB ports that do not provide the full 500 mA of current that is standard for USB ports. Please use the full power USB ports when charging or using your PS-2010 connected to your computer.

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