Tech Note 1257 Detail

Installation Error 1722 on Windows.

Affected Products:

UI-5400 PASCO Capstone Site License
UI-5401 PASCO Capstone Single User License
UI-5406 Capstone College/University Department License

On updating Capstone, Windows returns Error 1722.

PASCO Solution:
  1. Navigate to \ProgramFiles\PASCO scientific\Common Files\.
  2. Run “PascoCommonFiles uninstall.exe”.
  3. Run the Capstone installer again.

The following command line entries can speed the process if this needs to be done on multiple computers.

%ProgramFiles%\PASCO scientific\Common Files\PascoCommonFiles uninstall.exe /s

%ProgramFiles%\PASCO scientific\Common Files\OOUsbDrivers uninstall.exe /s

%ProgramFiles%\PASCO scientific\Common Files\PascoUSBDriver uninstall.exe /s

On 64 bit systems root folder will be %ProgramFiles(x86)%

Creation Date: 09/17/2014
Last Modified: 10/27/2015
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