Tech Note 1246 Detail

SPARKlink Air will not charge from a USB port.

Affected Products:

PS-2011 SPARKlink Air

SPARKlink Air will not charge from a USB port.

PASCO Solution:

When the charge state of a SPARKlink Air gets very low, the interface will turn off the USB port. This will make it look like the SPARKlink Air will not take a charge if attempting to charge the AirLink through the USB port. To recover the functionality of the unit, please use the charger that is included with the SPARKlink Air or the SPARKlink Air Charging Station (PS-2577). This will return the SPARKlink Air to a state where it can be charged through the USB port once this charger has been used for approximately 10 minutes. For fastest charging, it is recommended to use the charger that ships with the SPARKlink Air.

Creation Date: 06/18/2014
Last Modified: 07/2/2014
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