Tech Note 1245 Detail

Battery life is limited for ME-9491

Affected Products:

ME-9491 Fan Accessory

Battery life is limited for ME-9491

PASCO Solution:

To help reduce the cost of replacing batteries for the ME-9491 system as frequently, the system can be retrofitted to be used with lithium polymer batteries that are in the shape of the "AA" batteries that are used within this system. The lithium polymer batteries have a higher output voltage (greater than two of the alkaline "AA" batteries placed in series) so use of these batteries must be done with caution. Do not exceed the limit of 6 V input into the motor. You will need an additional slug for this system. These can be purchased through 3rd party vendors as a "AA" battery spacer (50 mm in length). While this solution will limit the flexibility in the fan speeds that are possible, this can reduce the recurring costs for running the ME-9491 system in your lab.

Creation Date: 05/21/2014
Last Modified: 05/21/2014
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