Tech Note 1207 Detail

Troubleshooting: USB flash drive not recognized.

Affected Products:

PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System
PS-2008A SPARK Science Learning System

Troubleshooting: USB flash drive not recognized.

PASCO Solution:

In some cases, the USB slot into which a USB flash drive is inserted may not be recognized. The following are some suggestions to get the USB slot to be recognized.

  1. Disconnect and reconnect the FLASH drive while in the file management window.
  2. Back out to the Home screen and reinsert the flash drive.
  3. Reboot the SPARK SLS.
  4. Try a different type of flash drive (brand, size)
  5. Press the reset button on the back of the SPARK SLS. The reset button is a small recessed button along the centerline on the back of the SPARK SLS. You will likely need a paper clip to press this button.
  6. If the above do not work, you may need to reload the firmware on the device. The following TechNote can help with this process. TechNote 1034.

It may also be helpful to set the SPARK not to sleep. The sleep time can be changed by doing the following.

  1. Tap the icon that looks like a battery and a folder at the top of the screen.
  2. From the menus, select POWER SETTINGS.
  3. Change the AC Power Sleep Time to "never".
  4. Increase the battery sleep time to "15"

If the SPARK does go into sleep mode, it may be necessary to use the reset button to make is able to see the USB drive again. Resetting the SPARK will turn off the device power and cause any unsaved data to be lost.

If the above troubleshooting tips do not work, please contact Teacher and Technical Support at or by phone at 1-800-772-8700 ext 1004. To expedite the repair of these units, please include the unit serial number and the best UPS shipping address to which to send the repaired equipment.

Creation Date: 05/13/2013
Last Modified: 03/4/2015
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