Tech Note 1198 Detail

How to replace hinge of Ballistic Pendulum

Affected Products:

ME-6830 Ballistic Pendulum
ME-6831 Ballistic Pendulum (without launcher)
ME-6832 Ballistic Pendulum Arm

How do I replace the hinge of the Ballistic Pendulum?

PASCO Solution:

It is recommended that the ballistic pendulum arm be returned for repair. Please contact Teacher Support for pricing. If you wish to repair the unit yourself.


  • Replacement Hinge PASCO Part # 648-09657
  • Replacement roll pin PASCO Part # 616-088
  • 1/8" roll pin punch and hammer or other roll pin extractor


  1. Contact PASCO Customer Service to order the required parts.
  2. Hammer out the old roll pin with a roll pin punch or squeeze with a roll pin extractor.
  3. Remove the broken hinge.
  4. Insert the new hinge.
  5. Hammer in the new roll pin using the roll pin punch.

Creation Date: 03/4/2013
Last Modified: 03/4/2013
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