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How do I get microscope images into SPARKvue HD?

Affected Products:

SE-7236 kena Digital Microscope
SE-7246 ken-a-vision Digital Monocular Comprehensive Scope 2

How do I get microscope images into SPARKvue HD?

PASCO Solution:

Ken-A-Vision camera can be accessed through Local Area Network broadcast. User will require the IP address and the router number.

First, download and install Ken-A-Vision’s Applied Vision ver. 4. Please visit Ken-A-Vision software download site here to download the appropriate software and driver.

Once Applied Vision has been installed go ahead and start the application.

Under FILE choose PROPERTIES, then choose IMAGE SERVER tab and locate the IMAGE SERVER PORT NUMBER shown below:

Next user must obtain the IP address of the computer that will be broadcasting the video/image files. Locate the computer and cclick on the START menu and type “cmd” in the text field shown below. This will prompt the command line window.

Once the Command Line window is open type in the following “ ipconfig”

Then locate the IP address of the computer

Now that you have both information start SPARKvueHD in iPad. Choose CONNECT EXTERNAL DEVICES under DEVICE TOOLS

Choose Ken-A-Vision

Enter IP address and router number and choose CONNECT.

Now you are ready to use the camera. Connect a Ken-A-Vision camera/microscope. In Applied Vision choose OPEN CAMERA.

Place a specimen for observation under the camera/microscope. User should see the specimen.

In SKARKvueHD go into BUILD page and choose IMAGE under Ken-A-Vision. Then choose between Large or Small IMAGE page.

Choose the icon to observe the broadcasted image.

Choose the CHECK icon to capture the image.

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Last Modified: 12/19/2012
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