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Anemometer Theory of Operation

Affected Products:

PS-2174 PASPORT Weather/Anemometer Sensor

Anemometer Theory of Operation

PASCO Solution:

The PS-2174 Weather/Anemometer Sensor uses a multi-blade microturbine to infer the wind speed perpendicular to the face of the turbine from the angular velocity of a low-friction, low-inertia fan blade.

A voltage is generated in a detector coil, by movement of a magnet located in the hub of the blade. This voltage is digitzed and the time between pulses is measured, which is inversely proportional to the angular velocity.

wind speed turbine angular velocity voltage(t) voltage pulses(t) time between pulses


  • The relationship between wind speed and anemometer angular velocity was empirically determined.
  • Due to blade inertia, response time is ~10 seconds.
  • This anemometer design measures the wind speed perpendicular to the face of the turbine; the user must manually orient the anemometer face perpendicular to the wind to determine the maximum wind speed.

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