Tech Note 1140 Detail

Amadeus/Red Tide Firmware Update

Affected Products:

SE-7183 Amadeus Spectrometer System
SE-7196 Ocean Optics Red Tide Spectrometer

Amadeus/Red Tide Firmware Update Procedure

PASCO Solution:

Amadeus Firmware Update Procedure

We recommend only updating the firmware on the Amadeus spectrometer if you are experiencing a serious functional problem with it.

  1. Download and install the appropriate Ocean Optics USB Programmer software on a Windows computer:
    1. USB EEPROM Programmer (32 bit)
    2. USB EEPROM Programmer (64 bit)
  2. Download the appropriate firmware update file to your computer:
  3. Attach your spectrometer to the USB port on your computer and disconnect any other Ocean Optics devices.
  4. Run the USB Programmer by selecting Start/Programs/Ocean Optics/USB Programmer/USB programmer. (This utility will display your spectrometer in the left pane of the USB programmer window.)
  5. Click on the spectrometer in the left pane of the USB programmer window and verify that it contains the spectrometer’s serial number. (The Program button should become active.)
  6. If the serial number matches, click the Program button.
  7. Select the Amadeus firmware that you downloaded, and click Open.
    Programming may take a few minutes. If the programming process is interrupted the spectrometer will require factory repair.
  8. When programming is complete unplug the USB device from the PC, and then plug the device back into the PC to allow the new program to take effect.
  9. Click the Refresh Tree button and click on the spectrometer’s serial number to see the updated firmware.
  10. If the programming fails, reattempt programming at least once. If the programming fails multiple times, please contact Teacher Support with the serial number of the device to return the unit for repair.

Creation Date: 04/29/2011
Last Modified: 06/16/2016
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