Tech Note 1139 Detail

Multiple Bluetooth interfaces

Affected Products:

PS-2010 PASPORT AirLink 2
PS-2005 PASPORT AirLink SI

Can multiple AirLink(2)s SPARKlinks be used simultaneously within a classroom?

PASCO Solution:

A single iOS or Android tablet with SPARKvue HD may simultaneoulsy pair with multiple transmitting AirLink2s to allow data collection to one iPad; however, a specific AirLink may only pair with a single Tablet.

Interference Between AirLInks

Multiple Bluetooth radios (AirLink(2)s or SPARKlink Airs) may be used in a classroom simultaneously at a sampling rate of the maximum rate of the sensor or 1 kHz (whichever is less) under the following circumstances:

  1. All AirLinks are typically closer to their paired devices than other AirLinks.
  2. The density of the AirLinks does not exceed two per square meter.
  3. Active WiFi access points should be located at least 2 meters or more away from any AirLink2. (WiFi sources typically emit 30 times more power of Bluetooth devices and operate at the same frequency.)

To reduce radio interference between AirLink(2)s and their paired transmitters:

  • Increase the distance between AirLink(2) transmitters that are connected to different tablets.
  • Decrease the distance between the AirLink(2) and their paired transmitter.
  • Decrease the sampling rate of the sensors.
  • Turn off or increase the distance to unnecessary sources of 2.4 GHz radiation:
    • microwave ovens
    • unused WiFi transmitters
    • unused Bluetooth transmitters


  • Only one wirelessly-connected (paired) AirLink(2) per instance of DataStudio is allowed.
  • The AirLink(2) may be connected to DataStudio as a wired PASPort interface. As a wired interface, it may be used in conjunction with other PASPort interfaces and synchronized to within 1 ms.
  • You may use an AirLink(2) wirelessly with another USB-connected PASPort interface, but the synchronization will only be within 1 second. A Macintosh requires that the wireless AirLink(2) be detected by DataStudio before connecting the wired PASPort interface.

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