Tech Note 1136 Detail

Transfer data from SPARK SLS to DataStudio

Affected Products:

PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System
PS-2008A SPARK Science Learning System

How to transfer data from SPARK SLS to DataStudio.

PASCO Solution:

You can acquire data directly from a SPARK Science Learning System (1.0.8 OR later) into either DataStudio or SPARKvue if you connect the SPARK SLS to the computer via a PS-2528 Xplorer GLX - USB Cable.

If the data is acquired with the SPARK SLS when it is not connected to a computer, then please follow the directions below to get the data into DataStudio:

  1. Connect a USB mass storage device to the larger USB (type A) port of the SPARK.
  2. Touch the Sharing button to open the Sharing screen.
  3. Touch EXPORT DATA to open the export data page.
  4. Touch the Name box and enter a filename.
  5. Touch EXPORT.
  6. Touch OK.
  7. Disconnect the storage device.
  8. Connect the storage device to any USB port on the computer.
  9. Open the text file on the storage device in a simple text editor.
  10. Add a heading line with a return as the first line in the text file and place the units in parentheses.
  11. Save the text file again.
  12. Open DataStudio.
  13. Select File/Import Data.
  14. Open the file from the storage device.
  15. Drag and drop the data to any display to view it.

Creation Date: 03/17/2011
Last Modified: 11/6/2013
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