Tech Note 1131 Detail

SPARKlab does not fit on SPARK SLS screen.

Affected Products:

PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System
PS-2008A SPARK Science Learning System

SPARKlab does not fit on SPARK SLS screen.

PASCO Solution:

SPARKvue will automatically reformat SPARK labs for the resolution of the screen in which the lab appears; however, the SPARK SLS does not have this capability, so the lab must be exported so that it fits exactly in the SPARK SLS screen (640x480):

  • Open the file on your computer in SPARKvue. You will need to use SPARKvue version 1.4 that is available in the previous link.
  • Click the sharing icon .
  • Choose Save as.
  • Change the name if you want to keep the high-resolution version of the lab.
  • Under File Format, choose Optimized for SLS display (*.spk).
  • Copy the file to a FLASH drive.
    • Disconnect the FLASH drive and connect it to the SPARK.
  • Touch the Date/Time/Battery icon to open the Device Tools screen.
  • Touch Manage Files.
  • Copy the lab from the flash drive to the SPARK.
    • Touch COPY FILES. (A list of file locations, folders, and files appears.)
    • Touch USB.
    • If necessary, touch the folder and subfolders that contain the file.
    • Touch NEXT.
    • Touch the destination as SPARK..
    • Touch the folder and subfolders where you would like the copy of the file to be saved.
    • Touch COPY.

Creation Date: 02/2/2011
Last Modified: 07/3/2014
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