Tech Note 11 Detail

Error loading BGI graphics driver

Affected Products:


When loading Data Monitor the message "error loading BGI graphics driver, error #1531" appears OR when loading Power Amplifier the message "error loading BGI graphics driver, error #0" appears.

PASCO Solution:

These errors indicate that the software is unable to load. Either there is an insufficient amount of memory available to the program or the maximum allowable number of files are open.

Use the DOS "mem" command to check how much base memory is available. You will need 640 K of free base memory to run this software. Terminate and stay resident (TSR) programs such as virus checkers, usage trackers, etc., can decrease the amount of memory available. Try disabling these programs to increase the amount of available memory.

The FILES definition in the CONFIG.SYS file determines the number of files that can be open simultaneously. To change the number of files that can be opened at the same time, open a text editor and change the Files = xx (where xx is some integer) command to a higher value. If you are not sure what value to use, try 20. After saving your file, you will need to reboot for your changes to take effect.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 07/21/2003
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