Tech Note 1097 Detail

Comparison of SPARKvue Emulator software vs. Full version of SPARKvue

Affected Products:

PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System
PS-2400 SPARKvue Site License

How do the features of the SPARKvue Emulator software that is included with the PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System compare with a fully licensed version of SPARKvue?

PASCO Solution:

SPARKvue Emulator is a limited version of SPARKvue designed to look exactly like the SPARK SLS. It is free and is included in the box with the SPARK SLS. It is also available as a free download on the website.

  • The window is limited to 640x480.
  • SPARK SLS Emulator will only interface with SPARK SLS (PS-2008). Emulator does not connect to other PASPORT interfaces.
  • File operations are limited to the “Experiments” and “Saved work” folders, exports can only be done if a USB drive is present, just like the SPARK SLS.
  • Some of the menu options are missing, and some new ones are present. For example, there is a “display properties” menu available (that doesn’t actually do anything to the computer).

The full version of SPARKvue is a software package that must be purchased separately from the SPARK SLS. The full version of SPARKvue will allow the user to:

  • Expand the window to full screen
  • Interface with all PASPORT interfaces
  • File operations are able to access your computer's file structure

Creation Date: 08/16/2010
Last Modified: 07/1/2014
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