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My Xplorer GLX got immersed in water.

Affected Products:

PS-2002 Xplorer GLX

My Xplorer GLX got immersed in water.

PASCO Solution:

Read steps 1-4 then do steps 1-4 IMMEDIATELY, then completely read the instructions for the rest of this TechNote before going any further.

  1. Disconnect any power source (wall adapter, USB cable) that the GLX is connected to. Disconnect these sources from the wall or the computer (not from the GLX).
  2. Remove the GLX from the water.
  3. Use a phillips head screw driver to remove the cover from the battery compartment.
  4. Disconnect the battery connector from the GLX main board.

  1. Use a Torx driver (TX-8) to remove the screws that hold the case together.
  2. Holding the board by the edges, please shake any water from the board. If you have access to a blower (air canister for keyboards, bathroom hand drier), use the blower to remove any of the remaining water. If you do not have access to these, you can also place the board in front of a car airvent. Turn on the air conditioning while turning the temperature knob to the maximum heat. This will dehumidify the air and then further heat the air to dry the unit out most rapidly. Make sure that the air vent that is blowing on the circuit boards is the only one open (close each of the other vents in the car). Make sure to blow out any water that is retained in any of the connectors.
  3. If the water that the unit was dropped into contained significant concentrations of ions (salts, high or low pH), before undertaking step 4, please use distilled or deionized water to rinse the circuit boards of the GLX.

  1. The emergency steps are now completed. When the circuit boards are exposed, they are susceptible to electrostatic discharge. Handle the boards along the outside edges while trying not to come in contact with any of the components or current paths. Once the circuit boards of the GLX are dry, please reassemble the unit. Do not plug the battery in until the GLX is again fully assembled. Do not plug in the power adapter until the battery is again reinstalled.

Unfortunately, the warranty is voided if the unit is immersed in water. However, if you follow the above recommendations you will increase the likelihood that the unit can be repaired...rather than having to replace the entire unit.

Creation Date: 08/6/2010
Last Modified: 08/6/2010
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