Tech Note 1091 Detail

Flow Rate Sensor Troubleshooting

Affected Products:

PS-2130 PASPORT Flow Rate/Temperature Sensor

Flow Rate Sensor Troubleshooting

PASCO Solution:
Flow Rate Sensor is not detected.
  1. Check that the interface detects other sensors when connected to the same sensor port.
  2. Check that the sensor is fully connected to the interface.
The flow rate sensor is detected, but does not give accurate readings.
  1. Manually spin the propeller and check that non-zero flow rates are being recorded. If not, please contact Teacher Support to return the sensor.
  2. Check that the propeller surface is clean and free of significant damage.
  3. Immerse the flow rate sensor in clear water to the 5 cm mark or lower. (The sensor will not accurately measure flow rate for depths less than 5 cm.)
  4. Orient the flow rate sensor so that the arrow on the propeller shroud points in the direction of the flow.
  5. Begin collecting data.
  6. Check that the flow rate sensor can collect data at speeds between 0.1 and 0.3 fps (.09 m/s) by moving the flow rate sensor near the bottom or edges of the stream. (A higher starting torque would indicate that the propeller is not spinning freely enough.)

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