Tech Note 1076 Detail

Finding library files for DataStudio.

Affected Products:

CI-6871 DataStudio Software (Site License)

After installing DataStudio 1.9.8r9, I cannot find the workbooks and files that I have used with earlier versions of DataStudio.

PASCO Solution:

DataStudio 1.9.8R9 installs the executable program into the C:\Program Files\Pasco Scientific\DataStudio folder, which is different from the folder location of previous versions ( C:\Program Files\ DataStudio ). When DataStudio 1.9.8R9 is first installed, the Open Activity... dialog will default to this location. If workbooks were installed when using a previous version of DataStudio, these files would have been installed in the C:\Program Files\ DataStudio folder by default.

To find the "missing" workbooks, navigate to the C:\Program Files\ DataStudio.

Creation Date: 03/26/2010
Last Modified: 03/26/2010
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