Tech Note 1062 Detail

Magnetic field sensor drifts.

Affected Products:

PS-2162 PASPORT 2-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor
PS-2112 PASPORT Magnetic Field Sensor
CI-6520A Magnetic Field Sensor

Magnetic field sensor drifts.

PASCO Solution:

The PS-2112 PASPORT Magnetic Field Sensor, PS-2162 PASPORT 2-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor, and CI-6520A Magnetic Field Sensor must be connected to powered interfaces for at least 240 seconds near room temperature (25 C) and (if a tare button is available) properly zeroed (tared) for the values to be within the specified accuracies.

For those magnetic field sensors that have a hardware tare button, the magnetic field sensor may be zeroed either by placing the sensor in an EM-8652 Zero Gauss Chamber and pressing the tare button (PS-2162) or by placing the sensor away from strong or alternating sources of magnetic field, orienting it such the magnetic field axis measurements of interest are a minimum along the measurement axes and pressing the tare button. (Note this procedure would not work for 3-axis magnetic field sensors because the magnetic field cannot be simultaneously minimized for all three axes.)

Creation Date: 01/22/2010
Last Modified: 01/25/2010
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