Tech Note 1054 Detail

How to change the sign convention for the Load Cell Amplifier to positive for tension.

Affected Products:

PS-2198 PASPORT Load Cell Amplifier
PS-2199 Load Cell and Amplifier Set
PS-2200 100 N Load Cell

How do I change the sign of the output from the load cell amplifier?

PASCO Solution:

Included in this TechNote is a configuration file that contains a calculation that will reverse the sign for each of the inputs for the load cell amplifier. This configuration file also includes calculations to resolve the x and y components for each of the forces reported from the load cell amplifier.

If you are using Firefox, please make sure to right click on the file below and select "Save As".

File Downloads:
Load Cell Workbook with both sign conventions.ds - ( 49 KB )
DataStudio configuration file with both sign conventions.

Creation Date: 11/4/2009
Last Modified: 11/5/2009
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