Tech Note 1052 Detail

Print a SPARK file from a computer

Affected Products:

PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System

Describes how to export the Journal to print a SPARKLab from a computer.

PASCO Solution:

The journal allows you to keep a record of your work in a series of pictures and captions. This journal can be printed by exporting the journal to be printed on a computer.

To export a journal you will need a USB flash drive. The journal will be saved on the flash drive as a group of files that can be viewed in the web browser on a computer. (Note that exporting the journal is not equivalent to saving the lab. If you plan to later reopen your work on the SPARK SLS you must also save the lab.)

  1. Connect a USB flash drive to the SPARK SLS
  2. If you are currently viewing the journal, touch DONE to return to the SPARKlab.
  3. Touch the Sharing button to open the Sharing screen.
  4. Touch the JOURNAL tab.
  5. Touch EXPORT JOURNAL to open the journal export page.
  6. Touch the Name box and enter a name for your journal.
  7. Optionally, touch a folder on the flash drive where you would like the journal to be saved.
  8. Touch EXPORT. When the SPARK returns to the Sharing screen, the journal has been saved on the flash drive.
  9. Touch DONE to return to your SPARKlab.
  10. Connect the flash drive to your computer.

On the flash drive you will find a folder with the journal name that you entered on the SPARK SLS. Inside the folder, you will find both an .html file and a .png/,jpg file. The .html file can be opened in a web browser. The .png/.jpg file can be opened in an image viewing program.

Creation Date: 10/21/2009
Last Modified: 08/23/2013
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