Tech Note 1048 Detail

TRS Port 2 is non-functional on the PS-2159 when the CI-6462 Relay has been selected.

Affected Products:

CI-6462 Relay
PS-2159 PASPORT Digital Adapter

TRS Port 2 is non-functional on the PS-2159 Digital Adapter when Port 1 on the Digital Adapter is selected as a CI-6462 Relay.

PASCO Solution:

This is a known design limitation; a second Digital Adapter is required to make the CI-6462 Relay switch with the state of a photogate:

  1. Connect the 1/4" TRS (phone) connector of the Relay to Port 1 of the first Digital Adapter.
  2. Connect the photogate to either port of a second Digital Adapter.
  3. When prompted for a Timer, select the photogate as a Digital Input.
  4. Define the equation Relay State = outputstate(1,1, LS), where LS is the Logic State.
  5. Click Start. (Interrupting the photogate should now switch the relay.)

Creation Date: 10/7/2009
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