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Where do I find my Serial Number and License Key for DataStudio?

Affected Products:

CI-6870G DataStudio Software (Single User)
CI-6859C DataStudio, Classroom License
CI-6871G DataStudio Software (Site License)

I cannot find my Serial Number and License Key to register DataStudio.

PASCO Solution:
A licensed version of DataStudio will ship with a yellow envelope that will contain the installation CD and the Certificate of Authenticity.

The Serial Number is boxed in red and the License Key is boxed in blue. TechNote 1033 shows how to input this code into DataStudio that has already had the lite key entered.
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TechNote 1033 How to find version number of DataStudio within Windows.

Creation Date: 08/25/2009
Last Modified: 08/25/2009
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