Tech Note 1029 Detail

Conversion calculations to use a J type probe with the K type sensors box to determine the correct temperature experienced by the J type probe.

Affected Products:

PS-2134 PASPORT Temperature Type K Sensor
PS-2127 PASPORT Type K 4-Port Temperature Sensor
CI-6526 Type K Temperature Sensor

Is it possible to use a J type thermocouple probe with the K type readers?

PASCO Solution:
It is possible to use the J type probes with the K type reader provided that the correct conversion calculation is used. Using the calculator within DataStudio, enter the following formula

JTemp= 1E-15x6 - 4E-12x5 + 2E-09x4 - 7E-07x3 + 1E-05x2 + 0.7696x + 0.3797

Where the input temperature (x) is the original output from the K type sensor box (with the J type probe)

The following is in the syntax of DataStudio

JTemp = 1E-15*x^6 - 4E-12*x^5 + 2E-09*x^4 - 7E-07*x^3 + 1E-05*x^2 + 0.7696*x + 0.3797

Please note, if you are using DataStudio in a language other than English, you may need to change the formula to match the decimal markers used by your computer system.

Creation Date: 08/11/2009
Last Modified: 08/11/2009
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