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Topic: SPARKvue Software

Installation Error 1722 when installing SPARKvue software on Windows computers

How do I resolve a 1722 error when installing SPARKvue or Capstone on my Windows computer?

Topic: Other PASCO Software

Installing DataStudio on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

These procedures may resolve installation issues on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.This procedure may resolve the issue with the license key not "sticking".

Topic: Curriculum

Logout of Essential Chemistry or Essential Physics

By entering in the following URL you will be able to logout and then optionally enter in the code for either Essential Physics or Essential Chemistry.

Topic: SPARKvue Software • Interfaces & Dataloggers

Manually updating SPARKvue on SPARK LXi/LX Dataloggers

This guide will show you how to manually update SPARKvue on SPARK LXi/LX dataloggers.

Topic: Interfaces & Dataloggers

My PASCO Wireless Sensor or AirLink Won't Connect

I cannot connect my Wireless Sensor to PASCO software.

Topic: Capstone Software • Interfaces & Dataloggers

My ScienceWorkshop 500 or 750 Interface Won't Connect to Capstone

I am using the CI-6759A USB/Serial Adapter with a 500 interface or 750 interface and Capstone will not connect to it.

Topic: Sensors

pH Electrode Maintenance

How do I maintain, store, and restore my PASCO pH electrodes?

Topic: Sensors

Preferred orientation of shear forces for Force Platform (PS-2141)

Preferred direction of shear loading for PS-2141 Force Platform

Topic: Sensors

Principle of Operation - Force Sensor

Technote: How do the PASCO force sensors work?

Topic: Sensors

Principle of Operation - Motion Sensor

Technote: How do the PASCO motion sensors work?

Topic: Sensors

Principle of Operation - Rotary Motion Sensor

Technote: How do the PASCO rotary motion sensors (RMS) work? Though there are several models of rotary motion sensor, they operate on common principles described in the article.

Topic: Lab Apparatus

Replacement Components for Flat Coupon Adapter or Stress-strain Apparatus

How do I get replacement components for a stress-strain apparatus or a flat coupon fixture?