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Topic: SPARKvue Software

Access Requirements for Shared Session in SPARKvue

Shared Session feature is not working in SPARKvue, how can I test my connection?

Topic: Interfaces & Dataloggers

Cannot Launch PASCO App Store on SPARK Element Tablet

After selecting the App Store icon on the SPARK Element the new PASCO logo (blue text on white background) is shown, then it goes to grey screen and the busy cursor spins indefinitely.

Topic: Capstone Software • Interfaces & Dataloggers

CI-6759A USB/Serial Adapter not properly identified if attached during startup

My CI-6759A USB/Serial Converter is not detected by Capstone unless I disconnect it and reconnect it after computer reboot.

Topic: SPARKvue Software • Sensors

Devices not shown properly in SPARKvue or PASCO Capstone

Sensor shown in SPARKvue or Capstone is different than the type of sensor that I have.

Topic: SPARKvue Software • Capstone Software • Other PASCO Software

Exporting Data to Excel from PASCO Software

How do I export my data collected in PASCO software to Microsoft Excel?

Topic: Capstone Software

How can I find copies of the icons used in Capstone?

How do I get copies of the icons used within PASCO Capstone?

Topic: Interfaces & Dataloggers

How do I connect a PASCO Bluetooth 2.0 wireless interface to a Windows computer?

I have a PASCO interface that uses Bluetooth 2.0, how do I pair it to SPARKvue or Capstone?

Topic: Lab Apparatus

How do I connect an external signal generator to the Mechanical Wave Driver (SF-9324)?

I want to drive my SF-9324 with a third-party stereo amplifier.

Topic: Sensors

How do I make more pH electrode storage solution?

I need more storage solution for my PASCO pH electrodes.

Topic: SPARKvue Software

How do I open a SPARKLab on a Chromebook?

You can use Google Drive or a USB Flash drive to place SPARKvue files onto your Chromebook

How to Clean and Sanitize Your PASCO Products

How do I clean and sanitize my PASCO sensors and equipment? The instructions within this article show how to safety sanitize PASCO sensors and equipment.

Topic: Capstone Software

Install PASCO Capstone license key with a command line switch (Windows)

Instructions for a network/silent administrator installation of PASCO Capstone software on Windows