Help Installing PASCO Capstone Software on Macintosh Computers

Use the installation instructions within this knowledge base article to help install PASCO Capstone software on a Macintosh computer.

Installation of the current version PASCO Capstone software on Macintosh computers may require some additional steps if the following error is seen.

If you encounter the above error installing Capstone, please try the following.

  1. Download the software .dmg install package
  2. Double click on the .dmg file to mount the volume.
  3. Right-click (Control-Click) on the package file and select Open With /
  4. Click on the open to start the installation 

The following link shows how to control-click or "right click" on a Mac: 

If the above suggestions do not work, please try the instructions within the following video.

This video shows the special procedures on how to install PASCO Capstone version 2.0.1 on a Macintosh. The video is silent, but each of the clicks shown are control-clicks. This will enable you to select how the file will be opened and enable this version of the software to be installed on your Macintosh.