How do I open a SPARKLab on a Chromebook?

You can use Google Drive or a USB Flash drive to place SPARKvue files onto your Chromebook

There are two methods to open a SPARKLab file (.spk, .spk2, .spklab) in the free SPARKvue app on a Chromebook. These instructions are for SPARKvue version 4.0 or higher.

Method 1: Open from Google Drive

  1. Upload your SPARKLab file(s) to your Google Drive. You may need to do this on a PC or Mac computer.
  2. Launch the SPARKvue app
  3. Select Open Saved Experiment from the SPARKvue Home Screen
  4. Select Google Drive on the My Files Window in the left panel
  5. You will see all of your Google Drive Folders and Files in the main panel
  6. Select a .spklab file and select the Open button
  7. Open Activity progress window will appear. This may take 30 seconds or more
  8. Your SPARKLab is now open and ready to use

Method 2: Flash Drive

  1. Copy the SPARKLab file(s) onto a USB flash drive. You may need to do this on a PC or Mac computer.
  2. Attach the flash drive to your Chromebook's USB port
  3. Launch the SPARKvue app
  4. Select the Gear icon in the upper right
  5. Select Manage Files
  6. A file manager window will appear. Your flash drive will be on the lower left side underneath Downloads
  7. Select the desired File and pick Open in the lower right
  8. It will take you back to SPARKvue Manage Files. Select Open
  9. The file is placed in the SPARKLabs folder
  10. You can use the Move icon to place the file in the Saved Work folder
  11. Go back to the Home screen and select Saved Work to open your file for use

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