Access Requirements for Shared Session in SPARKvue

Shared Session feature is not working in SPARKvue, how can I test my connection?

If you are not able to successfully create or connect to a Shared Session in SPARKvue, perform the following two tests:
1. Verify that you are able to access in a web browser. If you are able to access this page, you should see the following login screen: 

2. Verify that your network supports web socket traffic by going to in a web browser.  All items under Port 80 must show"Yes."

Please contact your IT administrator if your network does not pass the above tests to resolve the issues.

Port 80 must be open for Shared Session to connect to Workarounds include:

  1. Use an internal server address that is behind your proxy instead of 
  2. Use your iPad or computer as the Host device (This is covered on pages 45 and 45 in the SPARKvue 2.4 User Guide):
    • Change the Server Address from to "My Device" by touching the address field.
    • Once the session is started, locate the Server Address by selecting Session Info and scrolling down to the address field. Your IP address will be listed there (ex:
    • Client devices will need to enter in this server address and port